Portable Allen-Bradley PLC Micro 820 Training System
Portable Allen-Bradley PLC Micro 820 Training System

Portable Allen-Bradley PLC Micro 820 Training System

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Teach students and workers how to understand and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley Micro820 Programmable Logic Controls!

Portable Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controls Training System Includes:

This Portable Allen Bradley Micro820 hands-on Programmable Logic Controller training system includes real world components commonly found in the workplace today.

  • 2 Industrial Limit Switches with NO & NC contacts
  • 2 Industrial Pushbutton Switches with 2 sets of NO and NC contacts
  • 1 Alarm buzzer
  • 1 2-position Industrial Selector Switch with 1 set of NO contacts
  • 3 Lights – Red, Blue & Green
  • 2 Standard 8 pin Ice Cube Relays w/sockets
  • 1 IEC Motor Starter
  • 1 IEC Contactor
  • Students Workbook (pdf)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Instructor Guidebook
  • PLC Programming cable (Ethernet)
  • Instructions for Connected Components Software Download,
  • PLC Micro820 platform includes complete support from Rockwell Automation!
  • Durable Flight Case (more details below)

    Students and workers will learn how to:

    • Understand the operation of an Allen-Bradley PLC
    • Troubleshoot the Allen-Bradley PLC, Inputs and Outputs
    • Understand Allen-Bradley PLC Ladder logic and Statement Programs
    • Understand Input/Output (I/O) wiring 
    • Operate and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley PLC operated equipment 

    Each student will spend time learning how the Allen-Bradley Micro 820 Programmable Logic Controller is connected in common circuits, and will learn how to wire input and outputs on an Allen-Bradley PLC. This PLC training system is great for teaching students the automation of electromechanical processes. These processes are used in assembly lines in the automotive industry, manufacturing in almost every industry, commercial buildings, stop lights, railroad systems, rides at amusement parks, and automatic lighting, just to name a few. PLC technology is used everywhere every day. 

        The Allen-Bradley Micro820 PLC software and cable to program the PLC is included! Works on about any laptop or PC.

        Why portable?

        LearnLab’s "Flight Case Series" provides a solution for easy storage and mobility. Designed for on the road use, these heavy duty training systems are ideal for traveling instructors, vocational trades teachers, human resources departments, and workplace safety training and testing. These flight cases feature:

        • ABS and aluminum outer case construction
        • Aluminum and welded steel inner panel construction
        • Fold up frame with locking device
        • Industrial quality butterfly latches keep lids on longer and operate correctly every time
        • Long life, low maintenance, road proof construction
        • Carry handle
        • Gasket sealed lids for maximum protection against dust, moisture and other unwanted agents
        • Outer dimensions 20″ X 21″ 10″
        • Stores units away and out of site

        LearnLab's Training Systems are a must have for hands-on learning and electrical training. Train one or multiple workers at one time.

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