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Founded in 2003, ITU Corporation has provided products and services for clients all around the United States and abroad. Services range from conducting job skills training in areas such as electrical safety, manufacturing high quality, affordable hands-on training systems, and setting up training programs in many familiar companies, colleges, and other similar institutions. You can see a partial list of our clients here.

ITU Corporation has helped workers and students be better at what they do for over 16 years. ITU Corporation’s trademarked LearnLab training systems offer high impact classroom training solutions to schools and companies. These training systems help students and workers to better understand and troubleshoot Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Automated systems. 

Who Uses LearnLab Training Systems?

LearnLab makes complete training solutions for a variety of clients… Career & Technical Schools, Post-Secondary Trade Schools, Private Industry, Workforce Development Job Skills Training Programs, Human Resource Managers, Safety Managers, Colleges, and High Schools.

Colleges and Schools

Our training equipment and materials are being used everyday to increase students' understanding of safety and maintenance skills.  LearnLab is used to teach important troubleshooting and service aspects of job skills training. Used in college and school programs such as Career & Technical Education, Business and Industry Training, Industrial Skills Instruction and Applied Job Skills Training.

Workforce Development Training Programs

LearnLab works well with job skills training programs found in unions, apprenticeship programs, and applied vocational job skills programs. Because our training materials provide effective and applied real-world hands-on training and instruction, these programs have found great success with LearnLab.

Business and Industry

Our training systems have served business and industry by providing real, effective, and applied training to workers all across America. LearnLab’s basic and advanced training materials are designed to teach workers to be better and faster at their jobs.  Our products have also been used to effectively screen potential employees to determine their current skill set, and provide the blueprint for additional training in areas of improvement.

Affordable Arc Flash Risk Assessment Services

In addition to our training systems and services, ITU offers low cost comprehensive Electrical Engineering Services. These services are IEEE and NFPA based Arc Flash Risk Assessments which helps keep workers safe, and companies stay in compliance. ITU’s engineering group has conducted OSHAand NFPA required Arc Flash studies and assessments for thousands of electrical systems. These include manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, sea vessels, government facilities, and hospitals.  ITU Corporation’s simple “no frills” approach to Arc Flash Service has helped hundreds over of companies over the past decade get into compliance in an affordable way.

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