Electrical Motor Controls Training System


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This is our most popular Electrical Training System!

You get the dynamic Hands-On training panel loaded with real electrical control devices. AND, you get the entire teaching curriculum that includes:

  • Students workbook (PDF file so you can print as many as you like! )
  • Instructors guidebook
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • More...

You can train your students or workers how to find and fix problem fast! And understand what they did!

Never has this high quality training program been offered at such a low price! You can teach students how to find and fix failures in electrical circuit in seconds! Using our exclusive methods developed by years of “On the Job” experience, students will learn fast and retain what they have learned by practicing “Hands-On”…

Who will Benefit?

  • Maintenance Workers
  • Service Workers
  • Electricians & Electronic Technicians
  • Engineering & STEM Students
  • Machine & Process Operators
  • Repair Persons
  • Vocational Students
  • More...

This Electrical Controls Training Class teaches the operation, troubleshooting, and the “Need to Know” aspects of an electrical controls system found in industry today. This control technology is often found in manufacturing, industrial, commercial, healthcare, government, off-shore, pipeline, as well as many other industries. This training system is so effective it will have even rookie or entry level maintenance personnel using multi-meters like professionals and will teach veteran electricians to find and troubleshoot even the most difficult problems in electrical control systems!

You get hours and hours of training and Hands-On labs in this one training package...

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